Primetime Progress

You cannot blame yourself if it seems as though your life is not progressing like it should in a particular area. Your money, business, job, relationships can all at times appear to be getting worse even while you are striving to do the right thing. You cannot allow your mind to come the conclusion that you did something to hinder your progress. Your progress has not been hindered; you are not on the wrong path. Tough times are primetime moments for God to build you up.  Remember: the most complicated situations release the best blessings. 


Having patience sometimes can run its course. We know that success does not happen overnight. However, when you have been consistent in pursuing your desires but you are still not gaining ground, frustration can creep in. Patience is defined as the ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay; in other words patience produces maturity. The time and effort you put into achieving your goal will produce a harvest that’s incredible. God knows because he created the harvest and also gave you the perseverance to accomplish it. What good is a harvest if you waste it? Patience is just a maturity meter to make sure the reward you receive stays intact and can continue to unfold to new heights.

Life Situations

Is your current situation not lining up to how you think your life should be? No Worries! You are

just where you need to be at this moment. Your present experiences can help to catapult

someone else to the next level in their lives.

We become so self-absorbed when we go through life situations, however during this time we

are building character and maturity to make sure those who are following in our footsteps have

someone they can rely on to assist them in reaching their destination. Your situation can be

described as an old beat up truck; it may not look good but when its time to pull another car

out of the ditch it will get the job done! Keep things in perspective when you’re facing

challenges, they are there to pull someone else through!